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Training and Coaching


When you require  a certain group of employees to gain specific knowledge and skills, the best way to achieve this is to develop a  training program that is customized to your needs.

 A general training program only generates general results.  A customized training program with an experienced trainer who will design a curriculum that specifically addresses all the topics that need to be developed, is considerably more effective.

Think about top developmental skills such as:   

·         leadership,

·         conflict resolution,

·         customer service,

·         negotiating,

·         effective cooperation within teams,

·         time management,

·         how to effectively influence others,

·         stress management,

·         soft skills,

·         confrontation with respect  (ie how to give constructive criticism),

·         chairing effective meetings,

·         and more


One on one coaching is an intensive and effective way of helping individuals to develop essential skills within a short period of time. We can show you how to develop your leadership skills, your self confidence, your influencing skills, and more.

Often there are specific areas that need to change in order to be more professionally effective in one or more areas.

This is how it works:

A manager meets with our coach and expresses an area of development.

Depending on the objectives, training or coaching may be the most effective way to achieve these goals.


Over the years we have coached hundreds of employees to support them to be more effective in a professional way.  We have coached all levels of employees- from secretaries to CEO’s at a success rate of 96%.