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“This is an excellent online course that was fine-tuned to my personal Stress Management needs. Jan did a very good job at that, he is knowledgeable, personable, and friendly. We were able to make this course exactly fit my busy agenda. I learned a lot about myself, seeing myself through the eyes of others. I rate the practicality of this training a 9 out of 10. I would recommend him to all my colleagues. "

Jim Steele, Funeral Director, April 2020

Training Stress Management for Funeral Directors
~ Live Online Webinar

“Jan provided me with very practical tools to help reduce my stress levels.  This is a perfect course for anyone who feels they need more effective ways to handle their stress.  Very valuable to me was also how to manage feelings of guilt and cleaning up that stressful chapter.

Thank you, Jan!"

Melanie, Funeral Director, August 2018

Business Coaching and Planning
“Jan Hesseling of Hesseling & Partners has been very useful within our company by providing excellent business management plans for staff and our administrative operations.  Jan was able to take our busy firm and help streamline our practices and procedures in a more efficient and easy to learn format.  

There has been an increase in staff morale, as well as a lot of responsibilities could be removed from one sector and distributed more evenly throughout the company.  

I would highly recommend Jan for business coaching and planning.  A very effective and inspiring undertaking."


Sandy Poelvoorde, Owner Boyd's Funeral Services Ltd. 2017

Practical Leadership Coaching Curriculum
“I have had the pleasure of working through the Practical Leadership Coaching Curriculum with Jan Hesseling of Hesseling & Partners. Jan has been a pleasure to work with, and we got down to the real issue that was holding me back from feeling comfortable with being a leader. Much of the material is very practical and the role-playing is something that stretched me and taught me at the same time. It has proven to be a valuable investment of time, energy and finances for both personally and professionally."


Patricia Sawatzky, owner of TAP bookkeeping, Campbell River, BC. June 2015

Communication & Leadership Skills
“I was coached in the past few months by Jan Hesseling in Communication and Leadership Skills. Jan's approach was well received and I have the utmost respect for the way he mentored me in my approach to serving families and working with staff. I learned a lot and am able to apply the skills daily."


Danny Munroe, Boyds Funeral Services Ltd. Campbell River, BC 1-250-287-2240

Practical Leadership Skills Training Course
“The Practical Leadership  course is a focused, well thought and insightful learning experience. It covers many important topics in an easy to follow structural format, while still maintaining focus on the person-to-person interactions in a realistic way. The instructor (Jan Hesseling) has a detailed background in this subject, and is always able to clearly explain topics and methods, as well as using real-life examples to clarify. He also makes sure that what he is teaching is relevant to the students' current work, as well as potential future, which allows what is learned in class to be applied directly to what they are doing. Mr. Hesseling is a conscientious teacher who takes time to get to know his students individually during his class to make sure they are learning the skills they may benefit from learning through this course. I enjoyed this class greatly and would absolutely recommend it for any level of training."


Cassandra Foley, Team leader Hot Chocolates , Courtenay BC
May 2015

Practical Leadership Skills Training
“While taking Jan Hesseling's Practical leadership skills training  I learned many valuable  skills for in the work force as well as everyday life. He taught me how to approach coworkers with respect while respecting myself. Since completing this course I have had more confidence in my job. My communication skills have improved."


Shuka Moosmann, Hot Chocolates, Courtenay BC
May 2015

Training Practical Leadership Skills Training
“I found this course very informative and it covered a lot of practical situations to use in the workplace. It encourages open communication and excellent problem solving techniques."


Sherry Gibney, Manager Hot Chocolates, Courtenay BC
May 2015

"Three valuable things I learned from Coaching from Jan…


·     I learned that in order to solve problems with colleagues and within teams, you must first learn how to communicate effectively.  Jan showed me how to confront with respect – generating cooperation.  For the most part everyone has 100% good intention so if you communicate based on that fundamental knowledge, any conflict can be solved and outcomes can be rewarding.

·     I learned the technique of delegating.  Delegating to a team member has to be done in stages and it has to be done within that persons task maturity level.  If it is not done correctly, frustration occurs and the team is not cohesive.


·     I also learned that I am vulnerable to stress.  This unfortunately was fundamentally because I did not know what I LOVED TO DO! Jan helped me to see that I matter.  He helped me see that in order to continue to thrive in my position and continue to grow, I have to do things outside my work environment that I truly love to do.

In summation of my coaching experience,  Jan helped me to see that no matter what your role in your organization is, we are all individuals.  Whether you are a valuable team member, team leader or a mentor, each of us can use our abilities to contribute to the success of the team. We can do this communicating effectively, performing our delegated tasks fully and taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically outside our work life so when we are at work, we can do our jobs fully and contribute to the success of the organization.   :)  Thanks Jan  "


Natalie McColman, Office Manager Remax Ocean Pacific Realty, Campbell River

"Dear Jan,

Thank you for the Introductory Training Course that you provided to our staff at Hot Chocolates and Cakebread Artisan Bakery.

We have found that the leadership training Jan provided for 5 members of our staff has helped them develop and expand their skills.

This was the first time we had ventured into providing formalized training for a small group and the feedback was excellent.  For many of them, this was the first opportunity they had to take this style of training and Jan was very adept at providing training at appropriate levels.

Jan was comfortable with our group.  He was very patient, open and thorough in his delivery, our staff and leadership team have benefitted.  We have seen positive results from this investment in this training with him.

Jan is very professional in his approach and provided consistent feedback to management.

We would have no hesitation in suggesting this Introductory Leadership Training course to another company if they were looking to develop and strengthen the communication and leadership skills of their staff members. "


Michele Henry, General Manager of Hot Chocolates & Cakebread Artisan Bakery

"As director/co-owner of Dayon I have worked with Jan Hesseling on many occasions. We hired Jan to train our staff in a broad range of consultancy skills. Also, Jan coached our Management Team intensively.

Jan is a professional and very committed Trainer and Coach and I would recommend him to anyone in the services business. "


Jan Willem VanWessel, Director/Co-owner, Dayon Ltd.,  a HintTech Company


"Jan Hesseling provided me with tools and skills to better attend to what is perhaps the most critical aspect of anyone’s job: the Human Dimension."


Jan Den Hartog,  Content Specialist - Daidalos




"In the period that I managed a group of professional project managers Jan Hesseling was my personal coach. He managed to let me experience what influence you have and how to use it in a good way. He made my personality grow. His way of coaching made me decide to develop with him a workshop for the whole group. This turned out to be very successful.


Rob Mersmann, Head of Project Managers Department, ProRail Netherlands 




"Jan Hesseling possesses the gift of listening and inspiring. He is able, in a subtle way, to contact you as a manager and as a member of a management team, and make you realize the necessity of developing not only the full potential of yourself, but also of the other employees and your organization. "


Wim van Golstein Brouwers, General Manager, TNT Southern Netherlands




"I met Jan Hesseling when he was successfully managing an "Improving Team Performance" program which he designed for a number of teams in our organization.  He was an experienced, talented coach who was able to put in motion considerable positive change within our Movares organization.  As a result, we have reaped the many benefits his coaching has brought us. Also, as a personal coach within Movares he has been able to obtain many positive results."


Ben Peters, Manager, Movares Nederland B.V.




"Jan Hesseling excels in clarifying the key factors of human communication.
Where are your partner’s interests and how does he reason?
Jan knows how to explain all this in a very effective and pleasant way, with many recognizable examples.
I have good experiences with Jan as a personal coach and as a trainer of my employees."


Robert Koster, Manager, Movares