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Contact Info
Hesseling HR Services

Head Office:
6481 Tsolum River Road,
Courtenay B.C. Canada
V9J 1P1

Telephone: 1 250 650 5004

Fax: 001.250.337.5808


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Recruitment and Onboarding


When your company is in need of qualified employees, most recruiters and hiring managers focus on the technical competencies candidates need to have. Crucial for long term retention, however, is the candidates’ fit with your company’s culture. Having your return of investment in mind, we will reduce your hiring costs, and achieve a reduction of your employee turnover.


We focus on the candidates’ fit with your company’s culture first, and then position requirements and the candidates’ long term goals. We spend more time to get a clear picture of your company’s culture, and on the candidate to maximize your return on investment, and save you time and money in the long run.   We use:

  • Innovative recruitment strategies designed to fit each position
  • Creative sourcing, selecting, interviewing, reference check for all hiring levels
  • Coaching managers and staff to use effective interview techniques


Employee Orientation and Integration

The first days of a new candidate with your company have big impact on the morale and motivation.  Therefore it is crucial to guarantee a smooth landing in your company.  We help you with:

  • Ensuring a great start by using proper orientation and integration techiniques
  • Managing new hires’ expectations successfully
  • Sustaining new employees' commitment