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Work Life Balance


When your work kills you

All people can get overworked and burned-out. Stressed and overworked people make more mistakes that need to be repaired, (too much) stress can cloud your clear thinking, drain your energy, keep you awake at night, and burden all of your relationships. It also affects your health, effectivity, and productivity.


Stressed employees are grumpier and often have a short fuse. Their level of creativity and problem-solving ability drop dramatically and they tend to focus on the wrong priorities.              


Stressed employees not only have a negative impact on their fellow employees, their behavior also jeopardizes customer relationships and may cause the relationship to end.


In a leadership role, this kind of behavior can even be more costly, tensed behavior has a demoralizing effect on the surrounding employees, research shows that it leads to an overall productivity loss and higher turnover rates.


When work starts to overwhelm employees in a leadership role (supervisors, managers, business-owners, etc.), it often seriously compromises the profitability of the company too.


The good news is that you can learn to manage your stress so it’s no longer managing you.


The right (management) coaching and support can make the difference to turn the tide.


Contact Jan today, it will make a difference, you’ll get your life back.


Decide to be thriving instead of surviving.