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Contact Info
Hesseling HR Services

Head Office:
6481 Tsolum River Road,
Courtenay B.C. Canada
V9J 1P1

Telephone: 1 250 650 5004

Fax: 001.250.337.5808


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Consultation and Advice


Our consultation and advice service is for those who would like to consult with an experienced coach before making important decisions.


Often we go around in circles - not sure that we're on the right track.  However, as a manager or entrepreneur there comes a time when we have to make a decision.  Still, we realize that a wrong decision can be costly in many ways.


Stop losing valuable time and sleep - open up your horizons.  Make an appointment today to talk to one of our experienced coaches.  By listening carefully, thinking outside of the box, and by approaching things from a different angle, they can help you come up with the best possible solution that will suit you and your business.


And of course, as always, integrity is our trademark.