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Contact Info
Hesseling HR Services

Head Office:
6481 Tsolum River Road,
Courtenay B.C. Canada
V9J 1P1

Telephone: 1 250 650 5004

Fax: 001.250.337.5808


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Executive Coaching and Management Support


We work with leaders in the top and upper levels within your organization. The focus is on developing personal leadership qualities and behaviours that will enable leaders to deliver outcomes in line with the organization’s vision and core values.


We partner with those of influence to explore their unique style and impact this has on others. We will develop a balance of support and challenge to ensure leaders are continuously developing and learning from their own reflections of experiences and feedback from those they are interacting with.


We value people and believe that every great leader will have the desire to engage with others in a way that enables them to reach their highest potential, thus assisting their organization in reaching its full potential. With this in mind, we provide leaders with a ‘toolkit” to increase their self awareness, emotional intelligence and engaging leadership behaviors.


We consider it a privilege to work with individuals in a confidential setting to become the leader they really want to be.


We will work with you to:


  • Build relationships and facilitate interactions that result in outstanding performance
  • Produce more desirable outcomes from the direct efforts of others, equipping and enabling them to deliver
  • Communicate  the purpose, vision and goals of the organization